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1 November 2013
wasp removal
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Facing Wasp problems in New Jersey ?

Wasp Description:

  • – striped
  • – Up-to an inch long
  • – Fly Aggressively
  • -Not fuzzy like a bee

Signs You Have Wasps


  • – Hanging on structures of housing/trees
  • – hexagonal Looking holes throughout hive
  • – Half oval looking shaped hive holes are most likely yellow jackets

Wasp Nuisance Concern:

  • – They are aggressive and will sting unprovoked
  • – Sting is painful and may be dangerous to people with allergies

Wasp Removal Service:

  • – NjPest will remove the main problem starting from the source!

Important Information You Should Know About Wasps:

  • –  Eggs will be produced by the Queen from spring until fall
  • – May seen on fruit, but mainly hunts insects.
  • – Will be seen during day hours
  • – Eventually wasps die off but a queen will regather a few soldiers to rebuild a hive.


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