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jersey-city-pest-control-300x200Looking for a dedicated and trustworthy animal control specialists in Jersey City? New Jersey Animal & Pest Control Specialists has a team  ready for your call. Schedule a consultation by calling (973) 388-9126.

Having to deal with a wildlife problem can be tedious and inconvenient. When left untreated, these critters can also become disastrous and costly. Knowing the signs that there is trouble is the first step in not letting the situation progress.

At New Jersey Animal & Pest Control Specialists, we have provided personable service for residential and commercial properties since 1989. Customers can count on us for emergency calls and routine pest control maintenance at private residences and businesses. TrustNew Jersey Animal & Pest Control Specialists to become your trusted Jersey City Pest Control Specialists.

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  • Provide upfront pricing with every call.
  • Have licensed & highly-trained technicians.
  • Guarantee 100% satisfaction with services.

At New Jersey Animal & Pest Control Specialists, we can also handle all your general Jersey City pest control needs. We can do interior and exterior spraying to control insect pests. This may be recommended if you have seen insects around or if animal pests in your home were found to be carrying parasitic and potentially disease-carrying fleas, ticks, or mites. For normal spraying, you only need to vacate your house briefly, about 15-30 minutes until the spray dries. Once dried, the spray does not pose a threat to humans or animals in the home.

For exceptional animal control and pest control services, call New Jersey Animal & Pest Control Specialists at (973) 388-9126.