Raccoon Removal

1 November 2013
Raccoon Removal
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Signs You Have a Raccoon Problem

Look for tracks:

  • – Like small human hand prints with claws, 2-4 inches long
  • – Tracks or mud smudges can often be seen where they climb to gain access to their den, such as the side of a wall, often beside a drain pipe or downspout
  • – Scratch marks may be seen where the raccoon climbs the house or on nearby trees

Look for entrance, relatively large, about 4×6 inches.

Look for a toilet area, where you find a cluster of droppings regularly:

  • – About the size of your pinky finger
  • – Crumbly and may contain remnants of food and rubbish
  • – Can carry a deadly parasite: do not handle or smell

Raccoons make different noises including chittering sounds, growls, snarls, snorts, and purrs.

Typically active at night, you will likely hear them most around dusk and dawn

Raccoon Nuisance Concern:

  • – They look for tall structures where they can enter from the top to dwell in
  • – They usually occupy attics, chimneys and decks
  • – They will search for food in garbage cans, dumpsters and pet dishes
  • – They carry a number of parasites and diseases
  • – They are the number one carrier of rabies

Raccoon Removal:

  • – We use a special prong system that allows them to leave but not come back then we seal up the opening.
  • – Remove from chimney with strobe light and then a cap should be installed
  • – Damage can be repaired after the raccoon is caught

General Information about Raccoons:

  • – They average 2-3 feet long
  • – Their average weight is 8-22 pounds
  • – One litter a year consisting of 3-6 babies
  • – Birthing months are typically during the spring
  • – They are nocturnal animals
  • – They feed on anything they can get their paws on


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