Flying Squirrels

3 December 2013
Squirrel Removal
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Signs You Have a Flying Squirrel Problem



Flying Squirrel Description

Flying squirrels when compared to a normal squirrel can be a much smaller sized squirrel. Just take a look at the gray and fox squirrels. There  wide flattened tail, Huge eyes, and a patagium. You may be asking what is a patagium? A patagium almost like their wings which is just extra skin that extends from their wrists through their sides to help them shoot and glide in the air up to 150 feet. Flying squirrels can glide up-to 100 yards according to previous recordings. These type of squirrels can control their glide and velocity, by direction, angle and landing destination.

Where Do Flying Squirrels Live?

Flying squirrels live inside oak-hickory or beech-maple trees inside wooded forest areas, however, it is not uncommon for these type of squirrels to nest in attics or walls of businesses,residential homes or unoccupied housing. Flying squirrel issues are usually noticed when they start making chirping sounds and scratching at walls and their surroundings.

Flying Squirrel Will Find A Way In

Hearing scratching or birdlike chirps? This may be the sound of a flying squirrel inside your home. If this is sounds like a problem you are facing call and let an experienced professional determine what type of pest you are facing and finding all the entry ways and nesting areas these pests have made. will assess the problem and take the necessary steps to remove the flying squirrel or flying squirrels from your home or building and reduce the possibility of future flying squirrel infestation. We can also remove any other type of pest and critters that may be causing your home damage and personal frustration.

Flying Squirrel Trap it and Remove it Technicians are Insured and certified experts, with the knowledge, training and equipment needed to remove your Flying Squirrel issue.NJPest will also use capture and release techniques that assure the health and well being of these flying nuisances .

Flying Squirrel Damage

If flying squirrels make way into your home they will most likely consider it their new home and build their housing by finding areas to sleep, eat and urinate. Do not let these smaller creatures fool you their strength and habits can make their invasion in your home a devastating site to see. One of’s technician’s will thoroughly investigate the amount of destruction the flying squirrel has created in your attic or home and depending on if your a residential home or a business our professional technician will explain overall solutions to prevent the point of entry and also provide insight on how the removal process works along with how we will properly and professionally fix the damaged areas. The quicker these problems are taken care of and inspected by our flying squirrel removal expert, this can help with minimizing the job and price. You should never wait to call if you hear flying squirrels inside your home.

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