Carpenter Bee Removal Control

8 July 2014
Bee Removal
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carpbeeCarpenter Bee Removal and Control NJ

If your frustrated from bees around your yard specifically Carpenter bees you may want to keep reading to learn more about carpenter bee control in New Jersey along with honey bee control, bee hive nest removal services and bumble bee control NJ.

If you or your loved ones face bee allergies make sure you do not hesitate to call or learn how to properly expose of the bee nest and bees themselves.

Here at we provide excellent and professional bee control services including:

Carpenter Bees

Bubble Bees

Honey Bees

we also service



So how do we prevent and control Carpenter Bees in the New Jersey area?

Our years of experience let us know what is the most effective way after we identify what type of bees or hive are nesting around or sometimes in your home.

Call us and let us provide you with piece of mind and assure you that we will make the extermination process as quick and painless for you as possible. A few tips and facts you should know about carpenter bees

-Spraying early in the spring months will give you a head start towards prevention

-Carpenter Bees will continue to come back and use holes from the previous season. Blocking/Caulking these holes around fall, after the carpenter bees have left will help significantly.

-Carpenter Bees look for cracks, splits or any type of easy exterior access so try to fill these areas as well.

-Carpenter Bees are attracted to unfinished wood whether its your decks, sills, railings, soffits and so on. It is best if you seal, paint or stain these areas to help prevent and turn away these annoying insects.

Call us to get a FREE professional quote on how our New Jersey pest control service can help you.


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