Carpenter ant removal and control NJ

8 July 2014
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carpantsIf your reading this there is a good chance you may be facing a carpenter ant problem in the New Jersey area ? If you need carpenter ant removal NJ continue to read to learn about how we can help or feel free to call us with any questions you may have.

First thing is first we must identify that your issue is definitely a carpenter ant and not being mistaken for another similar insect. Carpenter ants like to nest and hang out in tight places such as wall joists or attics.

Insulation, debris and these tight areas make it hard for you to find out where they are exactly. Our years of experience give us the edge to get down to business and find exactly what these carpenter ants are up to and where they are nesting. If you have a flash light you can go outside just as the sun is setting and spot and follow carpenter ant trails. This time is when these insects enjoy going out on their run but their trails will allow you o see how they are entering your home.

Treating the areas of nesting may be tricky. Sometimes treatment of carpenter ants requires removing plate and reciprocal covers to apply proper treatments. Let our NJ pest control
team assure you that we can help eliminate and remove carpeted ants in your New Jersey home.

Our years of expertise with Carpenter Ants Removal NJ allows us to give you a Guarantee and control back over your home.


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