3 Simple Tips on How to Prevent Roaches and Ants

20 November 2013
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  1. Never leave crumbs, open food or water around the house.
  2. Seal off all windows and door gaps.
  3. Keep bushes and vegetation at least a foot away from the perimeter of the house.

Should I call an exterminator right away if I see a roach?

Yes you should consider a professional exterminator at the point that you actually witness seeing a live roach in or around your home. This can be a serious matter and result in bad consequences if this pest does not get eliminated from your home asap. Roaches are not an easy thing to control once they start multiplying and they do this very quickly and rapidly. Even though there are some great home good stores and supermarkets that carry bug and insect repellants I always suggest you get guidance from an experienced expert.

Should you call a pest control service if you see an ant?

If you see an ant I would not panic right away but I would take a thorough look around your home and underneath house ware and in cabinets to see a sign of anymore. I would then right away set ant traps that you can get from your local home depot and if you do still see a sign of living ants in your home especially more than one I highly recommend you call a pest control service right away and let a professional handle this situation before it gets worse.

Pest, Insects and animals can cause a headache when they enter your home but take a deep breathe of relief because there is great professional services out in your local area that can eliminate your headaches and the pest from your home quickly.

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