Snake Removal

13 November 2013
snake removal
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Signs You May Have Snakes


  • – Most likely will accidentally disturb snakes in the undergrowth
  • – Check sunny stones or pavement in the morning

Shed skins:

  • – Shed skins are the most definite proof of snakes
  • – Look like the snake, but empty


  • – Snake tracks generally look like wavy lines
  • – Soil pushed up on the outside of curves


  • – Snake droppings have white caps like bird droppings
  • – May contain bones or insect shells

Snake Nuisance Concern:

  • – DO NOT provoke or attempt to handle any snake!!!!
  • – If you are bitten by a venomous snake you should immediately seek medical attention at a hospital

Snake Removal:

  • – The ONE AND ONLY way to take care of your problem is with physical removal of the snake

Snake Prevention:

  • – Temporary deterrents
  • – Control of prey populations, such as mice and voles, will reduce number of snakes

General Information about Snakes:

  • – Numerous species of snakes
  • – They live in a variety of habitats
  • – All snakes are carnivores


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