Bat Removal

1 November 2013
bat removal
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Signs You Might Have Bats


  • – Discoloration at entry points
  • – No visible tracks or claw marks climbing to the entry


  • – Around the entry
  • – Ammonia or musky smell
  • – Shiny black
  • – Contain insect parts
  • – Small 1/8-1/4 inch


  • – High-pitched squeaking
  • – Scratching

If you think you have a bat problem, please call or contact New Jersey Animal & Pest Control, serving homes across New Jersey

Bats Nuisance Concerns:

  • – Guano (bat droppings) is a fertile ground for fungal diseases called “Histoplasmosis” and can be transferred to humans who breathe in the fungal spores
  • – Histoplasmosis can be fatal
  • – Caused by the fungus Histoplasma capsulatum
  • – Symptoms include fever, anemia, and weight loss
  • – Bat bugs (commonly confused with—and related to–bed bugs) are usually found along with a colony.
  • – Known carriers of rabies and other diseases
  • – Most rabies deaths in the US are associated with bats

Bat Removal:

  • – Can only be killed if creating a nuisance in dwellings
  • – Best technique: APCS will install “ONE WAY” bat doors so that they can get out but not back in
  • – Within a week, APCS will pull traps and seal the entry
  • – For reliable removal, check for more entries and seal them all
  • – Guano clean up services are offered

General Information about Bats:

  • – Nocturnal
  • – A single bat can eat up to 1,200 insects in an hour
  • – Use “Echolocation,” similar to sonar, to navigate around objects in the dark
  • – Usually have one litter a year consisting of 1-2 babies, typically in the late spring
  • – Only need a half inch or less of space to enter a house or building


Call Bat Removal NJ 973-388-9126

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